Having a pond near your home is a great way to dress up your yard as well as have a place to go and sit and enjoy the night air.  However, there is a problem that keeps occurring when it comes to these ponds, Mosquitoes.

Mosquitoes are annoying insects that will fly around, bite and give you a bump on the skin that itches as well as possible diseases such as lime disease.  So, what are you to do?  Well, you can come out and put up a mosquito net around you when you’re enjoying the pond, however, this isn’t a real good option either.  So, what would be a good mosquito treatment in Thornton?

Introduce predators

All animals have predators.  The mosquito is no different.  For those that love wildlife and want to get rid of these creatures, consider getting frogs, Killifishes, topminnows, tadpoles, and other water creatures love to eat mosquitoes and the larva that they spawn from.  So, why not get some of these creatures, put them in a conducive environment and everybody wins.

Keep your water moving

Mosquito larva can only grow in still water.  So, when the ponds don’t move, they are ready to take over.  This is why you might want to get some type of water agitator device.  This device can be placed into the water and activated on a daily basis for a few minutes or hours a day.  This will help break up the water and keep the mosquitoes out.

Trim around your pond

mosquito treatment in Thornton

Tall grass and other items might look nice, but they are the breeding grounds for mosquitoes.  To help keep them from having a place to hang out, knock down these weeds and plants and keep your pond area free and clear.

Having to deal with mosquitoes is hard enough.  Taking your time and really finding a way to keep them away and enjoy your pond is a great opportunity to clean up and enjoy the fruits of your labor.