It’s not hard to learn how to clean epoxy flooring, and this is one of the reasons this type of flooring is so popular with both business owners and homeowners throughout the world. These floors are easy to maintain and keep looking beautiful, but there are a few tips you’ll need to know to keep them shining and looking gorgeous for years.

Garage floor epoxy

Garage flooring is the most troublesome area when it comes to cleaning, as they are prone to dirt and stains. However, floor epoxy makes it possible to keep your garage floor looking stunning and attractive while you handle day to day tasks. Let’s go over some maintenance tips you can use on garage flooring with epoxy coatings.

Cleaning & Maintenance

The first thing you should have on hand is a dust mop, which can be found at home improvement stores or online. A dust mop will work to clean the dust from flooring and work for most of the cleaning that needs to be done to flooring. Garage floor epoxy does not hold onto dirt, so you’ll only need to use the dust mop about once or twice a week to keep your flooring clean.

Heavy Duty Cleaning

If your garage floor gets a lot of traffic or is exposed to more dirt than usual, you should deep clean flooring at least every four months. To do this, you will need a microfiber or foam mop and a recommended cleaning solution. Cleaning solutions can vary, but include window cleaners, spot cleaning solutions, and plain hot water.

Maintaining the cleanliness of an epoxy floor in your garage is simple, as it doesn’t require much work. All you have to do is make sure that regular maintenance is performed, including dusting the floors and mopping at least twice each year.